About Me

Mother to my beautiful little girl, I spend my days working with middle school students.  I have a deep love of stories and literature.  Growing up, books were my way out into the world and out of my shyness.  They allowed me to experience places I would never have a chance to visit and worlds that were just figments of someone else's imagination.  I felt as if I personally knew the characters of my favorite books and that their losses were mine.  

I still find myself drawn to Young Adult Literature.  I tried during to college to start reading Literature that wasn't geared towards adolescents.  I didn't enjoy it as much, even though I found and fell in love with many books during that time.  Towards the end of my college career I was able to take a Children's Literature course and found myself where I had been when I was younger, staying up all night to finish the last chapters.  Waiting through the day until I had the chance to pull a book out of my purse and find out what happened next.  Maybe I haven't grown up much since then, but I still feel the same way when I find a good book.  

As a teacher, I want to share my love of reading with my students.  I want them to discover all the amazing things they can through reading--not just the fundamentals.  As a parent, I want my daughter to see me reading and to share with her all the magic stories brought to me as a child.  

This blog is a way to share my love.  It's all the reading I'm doing, with a review, because what's the point of reading if you can't share what you've read with others.