Saturday, October 1, 2016

IRC 2016

This year I have been privileged not only to attend the Illinois Reading Council Conference, but I was the recipient of the Barack Obama Classroom Library Award. Being surrounded by people who love books and teaching and kids (not necessarily in that order) has been inspiring for me. 

I haven't been posting in awhile because I have felt overwhelmed at school and simply trying to continue to afloat.  Being here has reminded me of why I teach. It has given me new goals and ways to reach them. I have met new people in different parts of the state to collaborate with and contact and work with. 

I'm hoping to keep up the positivity and get some important things done in the next few weeks that will help me keep up the enthusiasm. 

So if you're a teacher of reading or literature or English and work in Illinois, you absolutely need to join the IRC. Check it out here. Then make sure you attend the conference next year. Even if it's for only one day. Just do it. 

I'm hopeful that all the inspiration I've gained this conference will carry me through the year. 

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