Saturday, December 31, 2016

Top Ten of 2016

So 2016 wasn't the greatest year in general, but book-wise it was pretty good!  I started out reading excellent book after excellent book.  The first 7 on this list are from the first half of the year.  My second half wasn't so hot.  Now it wasn't that I read a bunch of duds, I just didn't find as many that I LOVED.  In fact, finding a tenth book was somewhat difficult.  

So, in no particular order (except for the order in which I entered them into Goodreads):

LOVED this book about a ballerina whose world is going out of her control.  She signs up for an internship in Antartica before her family can do anything to stop it and she's stuck up there, trying to pretend she knows what she's doing and that she isn't really running from life.
Heartbreaking and beautiful.  Suzy tries to come to terms with her best friend's death from a jellyfish sting.  At the same time, she's trying to understand how their friendship slowly diminished.
AHHH!  I could not get over this book.  And it seemed like I waited forever to get through a few months before the sequel came out!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Jane Austen.  Loved it. The sequel comes out early 2017.  Already pre ordered!
Didn't expect to love this book so much.  It's about friendship and finding out who you are when it's just you.
Ahhhh!  The sequel was amazing and now I'm desperate for the next one.  Terrifying.  Really it is.  Should I read the first two over again beforehand?  May have to make that happen.

Middle School Friendship.  Positive friendship.  Making good choices.  Standing up to and for your friends when needed.  I loved this book and its positive messages.
A sequel with lots of adventure and a strong female character.  Serafina has to solve another mystery, save herself and her friends, and figure out where she belongs in the world.
Yes!  I was temped to put An Ember in the Ashes on this list too since I re-read it before this one came in, but I decided that wasn't fair.  I loved this sequel, but once again, I need the conclusion.  I need to know what happens next.  Please tell me soon Sabaa Tahir!

This may be a cheat on multiple levels.  First, it's really three books.  Second, it was a re-read.  However enough time passed that I felt satisfied including it in here. :)  

Have you read any of these?  What are your favorites?

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