Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday Musings: The Importance of Half Stars in Ratings

Monday Musings is a weekly post in which I talk about whatever I would like to talk about.  Often it's book related.  Sometimes it's not.

Do you get annoyed at not being able to give half stars on Goodreads and other rating sites?  I know it frustrates me.  There is such a big different between a 3 star rating and a 4 star rating, I think.  This is where I tend to use half stars the most.  Because a book might be pretty good--the writing is well-done, the characters are developed, but there's something missing.  Something that doesn't bring it to a four, but it's definitely not a 3, either.

For me, the other numbers are much more concrete and I rarely use half stars elsewhere--but I still do!

For example:
1= There were some major issues with character, plot, or something else.  I finished reading it, but it was really hard to make it through.

2= Some minor issues that made it difficult to want to read it, but I did.  I didn't very much enjoy it, but there wasn't anything terribly wrong.

3= If there are issues, they are minor.  I liked it well enough, but there was something really big missing or not completely developed.

3.5= Well-written overall, but not mind-blowing.  I was interested and intrigued, but not to the point where I couldn't stop.

4=I really really liked this book.  There were so many positive things happening and it kept me engaged throughout.

5= I cannot stop thinking about this book or the characters or the upcoming sequel.  It is sure to be a book that I bring up throughout the years as one that others should read.

Could I just lump that .5 in either the 3 or the 4?  Sure, but I really believe there needs to be a place in between.  Just give us the option!  Come on, Goodreads.  Help us be more accurate in our reviewing and rating.  :)

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