Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Reading Recap

How has your April been?

I felt like I was getting right back on track...until I wasn't.  :)  That's the way life goes, though.  I managed read a decent amount, but got sidetracked by what books I wanted to read this month and didn't find too much time to write.  My husband was gone for a bit and I have pretty successfully incorporated a workout routine into my daily life, but in order to make that happen, something else had to give.

Now that things are getting back to normal, I'm looking forward to finding some time each evening to work on my blog.  Plus summer is coming soon!  That means more time to read and more time to write.  Better start working on my Summer Reading List!!

Books Read


Reviews Posted

Other Posts and Highlights

9 Websites for Readers Who Think About Books All Day, Every Day
This was a fun list if you're looking for another bookish site to follow.

230+ YA Books to Pick Up April-June 2016
Yes. 230.  Did I read this entire list?  No.  I could not.  I dared not...or my TBR would grow exponentially.

The Whole Class Novel: To Read Together or Not?
Kylene Beers offers teachers an alternative to the whole class novel.  Actually she offers a few alternatives.  This is in my realm for next year.  I NEED to reign in our novel studies.  
What's Coming Up in April
Although I'm never really sure what I'll be reading and when it'll be posted, here are some books on my TBR for the next month.

This is still here.  I got sidetracked this month!

My Netgalley read for this month.  Again, sidetracked so it's here again!

I can't wait!  In fact, it may be finished before April ends as I'm writing this on Tuesday and will start reading it as soon as I'm finished with my re-read of TWATD!!!  

I only just started this so I'll be finishing it at the beginning of this month.  My heart is already breaking and I've only read one chapter.
Of course there will be plenty more books read this month, but you know me!  I don't tend to really follow any kind of schedule with choosing books.  When I try I just end up frustrated!  Here's hoping I find a really good book this month.  

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