Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Book Review: Glass Sword

Glass Sword
Victoria Aveyard
Harper Teen, 2016
Genre: fantasy, YA
Source: purchased
Rating: 5 out of 5

~What It's About~
In Glass Sword Mare embraces who she is, trying to save as many Reds that are like her, born with a power that aren't supposed to have. Mare has found the Red Guard and escaped, along with Cal, but are they safe with them?  Maven is always a threat, but there is something about this group that Mare isn't ready to accept.  Are they really what they say they are and how will Mare convince them that Cal is on their side?  With a small band of allies, Mare sets out to gather as many Reds who have been born with similar powers as she can, hoping she can reach them before Maven.  At each turn, she's presented with the question of who she can trust and how will she keep everyone she cares about safe from the evils of Maven.  

~The Good~
I could not stop.  I needed to know and I needed to know immediately what was happening to Mare.  I was angry at her one minute and the next my heart broke for her...mostly it broke for her.  

       "If I am a sword, I am a sword made of glass, and I feel myself beginning to shatter."

I was along with Mare for the ride and every time so he made a heart wrenching decision, I was with her.  I didn't always agree, but I was with her.  And I could feel her shattering.

Her relationship with Cal is completely debilitating. By the end I had a hard time reading those parts because it was just so tormenting.  I felt like it had built up so much that by the end every time they were together it was painful for them, but they also wanted to be there with one another.   I cannot say more about this without spoiling things, even though I want to.  My heart hurts.

I was also anxious throughout most of the book as I waited to see what would happen, because I couldn't tell--not completely.  And I was surprised at the ending of this book, even though there are parts you are sure are coming, you'll still be shocked.  There were plenty of moments where I stopped and thought, "No way is that going to happen."  And then something very similar to it would.  

~The Not-So-Good~
I'm not finding anything negative to say, except that it's way too long until the next one. :)

~Final Thoughts~
Mare has come into her own in this second installment of Red Queen Series.  She is strong and able and determined--and flawed.  In the midst of a world in which people are born with super powers and use them against one another, Victoria Aveyard has still made Mare seem so real and true.  She isn't perfect, even with her spectacular power, and in Glass Sword we are able to see her transformation into a leader.

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