Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Musings: How I Arrange my Goodreads Shelves

Monday Musings is a weekly post in which I talk about whatever I would like to talk about.  Often it's book related.  Sometimes it's not.

So I might go a little crazy with my Goodreads Shelves.  I have a ton of genre-based shelves.

Then I have shelves for TBR for different years.  Sometimes I'm really ambitious and I have a "Spring TBR" shelf, but I mostly gave that up.  I do usually keep a general TBR per year and a "Must-Read-In ____" shelf.

Oh and I have shelves where I puts books that I heard about at conferences/workshops, and books I might want to look at for our books clubs at school.

It's a bit of a disaster.

The one good thing about my Goodreads Shelves is that I recently went through and cleaned out my TBR list.  There were books on there I didn't even remember hearing about.  I narrowed it down to 140 from 369.  Be impressed people!  It was difficult in some cases, and required honest assessments of my reading goals and personality.  Do I have to read it?  No.  Do I want to read it?  No.   Even if I really *should* read it?  No!  Get rid of it!!!

Digital cleaning is a must. And my Goodreads Shelves get pretty messy.

How do you organize your shelves?  Do you organize them?  Do you clean them out ever?

Next week's musing: My Three Wishes

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