Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Feeling a Little Behind

Okay, I'm feeling A LOT behind!

I was behind on posting the last two reviews.

I am feeling behind on getting ready for school.  I know!  Don't talk about it...but it's inevitable.  It's coming.  UGH.

I am behind on my book list.  I've made it to 16.  This is pretty good considering that it's 16 in 9 weeks.  I always knew that the 46 books on my list was WAY overboard, but I just want to read them all!.

So I've chosen my next three books (I've abandoned the order I originally came up with weeks ago!) and these are the reasons:

This is one that I ordered for my library towards the end of the school year and I knew I needed to add some more nonfiction into my list so I grabbed it.  I also know that I've read two nonfiction books so far this summer and one was on teaching.  So I wanted to add in another.

I am hoping that The Books of Elsewhere is a quick, easy read.  Although I just realized that it is the 2nd book in the series....hmmm.  Scratch that!  I really dislike reading books out of order.

I guess I get to skip ahead to the book I've been wanting to read all summer!!!!

I can't wait!!

When I've finished this, I'm going to read all the sequels that I put off at the beginning of the summer because I wanted to get through with these others.  If I don't read them now, it'll take twice as long during the school year!

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