Monday, July 7, 2014

The Peculiar --Moving on and leaving this one behind--for now.

I can’t finish this.  At least not right now.  I’ve been working on it for a week now and I’m only 168 pages in.  There is so much time spent on building the steampunk world that I don’t care for the characters.  I don’t like them.  Now in some cases this doesn’t matter.  For example, in Hunger Games I disliked Katniss from the start.  However I did want her to be successful, mostly because her success meant that others who were likable survived.  Here, not only do I dislike the bratty Bartholomew and the sniveling Mr. Jelliby, but there is no reason for me to want them to be okay.  Bartholomew’s sister might be cute, but it’s hard to tell since he’s pretty self-centered in his views (makes sense for a young boy, but doesn’t help me here).  Mr. Jelliby is truly annoying, and he’s supposed to be, but then why do I care about him?

I have little else to say and I’ve decided to abandon this book for the time being.  It is one that I’m willing to come back to at a later date.  Maybe when I’ve finished my list, revisiting it will be good and I’ll enjoy the book at that time.

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