Sunday, July 13, 2014

So many upsets in my book lists!!

So I posted that I was abandoning The Peculiar last week.  I began reading Doll Bones the next day...I downloaded it onto my nook and accessed it via my phone because
I forgot to bring my nook with me to an appointment.

Well then we went out of town and I packed my nook and two books (I'm always a little overzealous about how much I'll finish reading in the car).  We're on the road and I pull out my nook, power it on and do you what I didn't do?  I didn't download it to my nook before we left...  I could have read it on my phone, but for five hours on that little phone?  No way!!

So I read one of my books on the way there.  Then on the way back I read about half of the next book.

This is what I'm currently reading and so far it's interesting.

This may be a good one for our book club!  A future society where kids who are deemed criminal are sentenced to a new process called "slating."  Their memories are erased and they are rehabilitated to join new families and become productive members of society.  It follows one of the slated girls as she is transitioned into a family.  Very easy read so far.  I should be finished tomorrow and ready to move on!

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