Sunday, March 6, 2016


Sunday Status is a weekly (ish) post where I let you know what I'm reading and what I'm thinking about it as I go along.

It's been a slow week.  I've been sick and had a lot to do at school so my reading time has dwindled.  When you go to bed at 8:00 every night for a week you lose a lot of time! I'm hoping to make it until 9:00 tonight and get some work finished!

~At Home~

Dark Days Club
Alison Goodman
Viking Books for Young Readers, 2016
Source: I won this copy from Brittany at Please Feed the Bookworm

Loving this!  I will say it took awhile to get going.  About 100 pages, but I had faith.  The writing is well done so that even though I was anxious to get to the part where there were demons and powers and all that, I wasn't bored or annoyed.  I finally got to that part and wow!  Loving it!!  I can't wait to read some more tonight!

~At School~
Sky Raiders (The Five Kingdoms #1)
Brandon Mull
Aladdin, 2014
Source: borrowed from a student

I'm only about 20 pages in so I don't have much to say, except that something good had better start happening because it's not going to keep my interest if it doesn't get good REALLY SOON.  That's all for now. 

~Listening To ~

The Thing About Jellyfish
Ali Benjamin
Read by Sarah Franco
Little Brown Young Readers, 2015
Source: purchased

I'm still listening to The Thing About Jellyfish.  I've managed to listen to a bit more here and there, but not enough.  If I could grade and listen to an audiobook, I would, but then I either stop paying attention to what I'm grading or I cut out the audio and find myself lost in the book.

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