Thursday, March 10, 2016

Best Blog Posts of my First Year

It's a celebration of my 1st year blogging.  
Thanks for following me during this first year and checking in on my reading life.  
Today I'll be highlighting the best posts from the past year.

Best Views
Book Review with the Most Views
A Curious Tale of the In-Between by Lauren DeStefano

Post with the Most Views
My Six Favorite Literary Characters from Childhood

My Favorites
Top Ten Posts:
Top Ten Board Books
Top Ten Middle School Books  (although I have some changes now because I've read some really good ones since I wrote this!)
Top 13 Books for October

At the beginning of the summer last year I wrote a week of posts dedicated to middle school readers.  It was titled Reading Suggestions for Middle Schoolers.  I highlighted a number of great books for readers in grades 6-8.

Character Spotlights:
Jo Montfort from These Shallow Graves

Winter Hayle-Blackburn from Winter

If you missed any of these posts, check them out for yourself!
Thanks for stopping by.

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