Saturday, July 25, 2015

Teacher Moment: Setting up my room

I got into my room today at school. I didn't have the heart to take any before pictures--it was too much and a bit overwhelming so I just jumped in.  This is where I left it today.

My library area--filled with junk for now. 

My desk area--which may be changing before everything is said and done. 

Homework board and ticket drops. 

Goals board. 

My textual evidence board. We spend a lot of time working on this. 

This is where I will put our academic vocabulary. 

This board is left over from last year. It needs some love. It is going to be our recommended reading board. 

Not sure what I'll use this for yet. Each year it ends up being different.   

I still have a lot to do. I'm hoping to get in tomorrow afternoon and Saturday. When I have my room set up I'll feel so much better! 

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