Friday, September 11, 2015

Book Review: The Day the Mustache Took Over

The Day the Mustache Took Over

Alan Katz
Bloomsbury USA, 2015
Source: ARC from Netgalley
Rating: 3 out of 5

David and Nathan are....well they're a lot of trouble.  They're so much trouble that they been through 347 nannies!  Or maybe it's 734?  No one is really sure about that.  When their parents are starting to think that they'll never find another nanny, someone shows up: Martin Healy Discount.  The boys shrug him off--just another nanny, or is he?

This was a cute book.  David and Nathan are over the top funny in a way that many kids will enjoy.  They are argue a lot of the time, and even when they aren't arguing, there is still an underlying teasing that takes place.  Pretty quickly the boys realize that they are actually smarter than their new nanny and will have to help him out (if they lose another nanny the yearly ski trip is cancelled) and hijinks ensue.

The story moves along quickly and the boys learn lessons and grow up over the course of six months with Martin Healy Discount. No heartfelt moments, or big reveals here.  This story is purely for humor and it was full of funny moment, at which I know my students would laugh.  Sometimes it did feel like it was one prank after another, but I know my kids would eat it up nonetheless.

I recommend this for younger readers, 3rd--6th grade.  3rd grade may need some help reading, but will enjoy the story.  6th graders may be getting a little old for this book, but will also still enjoy the funny situations in which David and Nathan find themselves.

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