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Top Ten Literary Villains

Now, usually I don't like calling a character a "bad guy" because often there's more to them just their bad qualities.  Some of the characters below are villains and some are characters that just drive me crazy!  Some are characters that I just can't stand.  Some are really evil and awful and do terrible things to others (and frighten me a bit).  And some are in between.

Unfortunately there are some spoilers within.  I'm sorry and I'm warning you right here and right now!  #7--Divergent Series,  #6--Wrath and the Dawn,  #5-- Hunger Games series, #4-- The Fault in Our Stars, #2--Gone Girl, #1--Harry Potter (whole series). So skip around as needed if you don't want to ruin it for yourself.

I attempted to put these in some sort of order, but I kept changing it so...yeah.  In kind of no particular order, but also kind of an order...

10.  The Darkling from Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo I really LOVE to hate the Darkling.  He's hot--but evil.  He's intense and I kind of want Alina to just ditch Mal and go do whatever the Darkling says.  But not really.  Because he's evil. But still...

9.  Piper in the Al Capone books by Gennifer Choldenko
Bratty and spoiled and so full of herself.  I just keep willing Moose and the other kids to stay away from her and shut her out.  Just cut her out.  And I know she has good in her and she'll grow up and she won't be terrible one day, but she still makes me angry.


8.  Felicity in A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray
Such a mean girl.  She lords her "power" over the other girls and pits girls against one another.  Even when she and Gemma are friends I still can't stand her.  I know there's more to her back story in the later books, but in the first we aren't aware of that and she just rubs me the wrong way.

7.  Caleb Prior from Divergent Series by Veronica Roth
Okay, so sorry if you haven't read the series yet and I'm spoiling it, but I did warn you.  I cannot believe that Caleb is so low.  I know she forgives him at the end and he does his best to make it right, but ugh.  Ugh.


6.  Khalid and Tariq from The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh
So as I read, my dislike for Khalid waned and I too began to like him. At first I did not--at all. I despised reading the sections Tariq was in, though, and I just wanted to get through it so I could back to what was happening back with the rest of the story.  I know he's not truly evil, like many of my characters I'm naming, but I really disliked him from the start.  What did Shahrzad see in him to start with?

5. President Snow and President Coin from Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Can you decide who is worse?  I think maybe it's Coin.  At least President Snow didn't try and hide his evilness--not the way Coin does.  She's sneaky and she sets up the attack at the end and ugh.  I really really do not like her in any way shape or form.


4. Peter Van Houtten from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Hazel looks forward to meeting him so much and then he turns out to be a miserable human being. Miserable.  I know he tries to redeem himself at the end, but does he really?  Does it count?  No.  I understand that he is broken inside and that's what causes him to be as awful as he is, but I still have a difficult time accepting this.

3.  Queen Levana from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
I just finished reading Fairest a day or two ago.  She's evil and I considered moving her to a number 1 or 2 spot, but I like the following characters better.  But let me tell you that Queen Levana is terrible and if you've read the other Lunar Chronicles, but thought you could skip Fairest because it's kind of a side story, you're WRONG.  Don't skip it.  Read it.  But it might make you even more angry.  Just warning you.


2. Amy Dunne from Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
I am frightened of Amy Dunne.  I know she's fictional, but I'm frightened.  I'm even more frightened of her than many other characters because she's a "real" person--no powers or powerful position in society to lord over people. If I were in that book, I'd be moving far away from her and going into hiding.  Maybe a name change?

1. Severus Snape from Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
I want to start off by saying I love Snape--and not because he's a "villain."  Snape is such a sad and lonely man and his love for Lily is what saves him.  I seriously want to cry just thinking about all of this and how he does push Harry and yes, Harry hates him and believes that he just wants to ruin his life, but I don't believe he does.  Snape made some bad decisions, yes, but so do we all.  Snape sacrifices so much and if you look back at all the times where he help students or saves them, you can see this.  And it's his patronus that helps Harry in the woods.  Of course it is.  How could it not be his?  I still get so mad at him when I read the early books, because I try to pretend that I don't know what I know, but I can't forget that.  So the anger doesn't last very long.  It fades rather quickly and I just want to cry for this man who has made such great sacrifices for others, but no one ever realizes--not really.  I know I'm not doing him justice at all.

What characters do you love to hate?  Any that you would replace?

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