Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Character Spotlight: Colleen Rowley from Conversion

Colleen Rowley
by Katherine Howe

Colleen Rowley is your average high school senior--except she has everything riding on being valedictorian in an elite all girls high school, St. Joan's Academy.  Her life is centered on her grades.  She obsesses over her GPA and is constantly judging where she thinks the others girls in her class are in regards to their GPA and college acceptances.  She's so hung up on this, she makes snide comments about her friends as well--but it's always centered around her perception of their seriousness of getting into college and how good their GPA is.  She also never voices this out loud to anyone.  However, she's somewhat judgmental and very self-absorbed.

Although it's obvious to everyone (even the reader), Colleen completely misses the fact that her "best friend" is going through some serious issues.  She's so wrapped up in her own world of getting into an ivy league school that she's clueless to what's going on.  In fact, she seems pretty clueless to a lot of things and comes off as naive--despite her intelligence.

Despite these negative qualities, Colleen isn't a bad person.  She's a flawed character and one who is easy to like.  You genuinely want her to well and get the grade she's desperately trying to achieve as well as get into her school and also help her friends in this crazy drama that's unfolding at her school.  She does care about them, but she has a lot of growing up to do, too.

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