Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday's Teaching Moment: Some November Love From Your Fellow Teacher

I posted these at the beginning of the school year and I decided that it was a good idea to repost later on to remind myself of some important ideas.  We need some pick-me-ups.  Here are reminders about what we're doing.

This may be one that I need to post in multiple places.  Just as a reminder.

So many children out there don't have a champion.  If I can be that for one child, I will feel as if I've accomplished something in life.

Just a reminder of why I do my job.  They need me.  They need consistency and love and boundaries and support.  

Finally a reminder of why education is so vital.  It's the only way we can change our world for the better.  

Winter break is almost here.  If you teach in the United States, then it's almost Thanksgiving.  A little time to recuperate and spend time with our loved ones before we return to our classroom of children who need us.

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