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Book Review: Star Wars: Jedi Academy, The Phantom Bully

Star Wars: Jedi Academy, The Phantom Bully

Jeffery Brown
Published by Scholastic, 2015
Source: Purchased
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I absolutely love this series.  My father introduced my sister and I to Return of the Jedi when were little and mostly we were taken by the Ewoks (what 7 year old girl wouldn't be!) but as I got older and watched the series again and again, I fell in love with the story and characters.  There was even a point during my middle school years where I tried to write Star Wars books.  They were awful and the evidence has been destroyed, thankfully.

When I discovered Jeffery Brown's series about a young Roan who is not admitted to flight school, like he wanted, but is requested to join the Jedi Academy instead, I was pulled in right away.  Roan struggles with being the new kid at school and not only trying to fit in, but to catch up.  In each book he has had to deal with typical middle school issues: fitting in, bullying, stress from school, girls, friendships, difficult teachers.

In this third installment, Roan should be having a great year.  He has a maybe girlfriend and they're starting their individual studies.  Unfortunately, Roan's advisor is non other than Mr. G, the teacher who has had nothing but negative things to say to him from day one...and he'll working with him one-on-one for the entire school year.  Plus someone is messing with him and he's pretty sure it's Cronah, but no one can prove it, so Roan will just have to figure out a way to deal with it.  Plus, there's a new girl at school and she's spectacular at everything!

Once again, Jeffery Brown has created a highly engaging story for our more reluctatnt readers (or for those not so reluctatnt readers who just love love love Star Wars).  With the mixture of graphic novel and diary entry format, the story is highly accessible for many readers.  It's an excellent middle grades books that focuses on what kids are dealing with in school--just with wookies, droids, and mastering The Force thrown in there as well.

I'm excited to read more about Roan's adventures in the future!  Check out more reviews about the other Jedi Academy Books here and here.

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