Monday, December 14, 2015

9 Best of 2015 Lists to Peruse

If you're like me, you're not always on top of the new books that come out every year.  Maybe it just slipped by you and you're wondering how you could have missed that book in the first place.  Or maybe you almost started reading it, but something else came up instead.  Whatever it is, take a look at some of these "Best of 2015" posts that I've compiled.  I love reading lists of good books.  Peruse at your own pleasure!

NPR Concierge -- Great place to actually see all the covers.  I love being able to see the cover of a book and NPR Concierge lets you either view their list by the cover or in list form.  In addition, you can narrow it down by genres, and they've given you a good selection of genres too!

Goodreads Choice Awards-- Who doesn't love the Goodreads Choice Awards?  I love voting for my favorite books that made the cut and waiting to see how well they did in the end.  The best part about this list is that they don't just give you the winners of each genre, but you can see all the books that were in each category.  So you can discover more books!

Buzz Feed Beautiful Covers-- Looking for some beautiful covers of 2015?  Here are 34.  So if you love to look at book covers, or purchase your books based on the cover (we all do this sometimes, just admit it!) then this is a quick look at those.

Huffington Post-- Their list of 18 best fiction books of 2015.  This also includes links to more information, reviews, and interviews.  So you could definitely get lost for days in this one!

NYTimes-- A list of the 10 best of 2015.

Wall Street Journal--Their best of the best books of 2015.  They split it up into four different categories: Fiction, Nonfiction, Mystery/Thriller, and YA.

Young Adult Library Services Association--You want a book?  Ask a librarian.  Chances are they have read every book there is!  YALSA has a super long list here.  The only downside is you don't get to see the covers.  This could also be a good thing, but with only the little one or two sentence snippet, it's hard to get a good hold.

A List Devoted to Picture Books-- Another from Huffington Post with 21 different books for you to discover.  Read them for yourself or share them with a child.

Best Children's Books of 2015-- The Guardian has their list of 8 children's books.  The only thing I'm not too happy about is that it includes both picture books and one YA.  I prefer to have them separated.

My top 10 for 2015 will be coming soon, but I have books in my list that weren't published in 2015.  Check out that list on New Year's Eve.  I am trying to give myself as much time as possible to read as many books as possible.

Happy Book Searching!!

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