Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Character Spotlight: Winter

Winter Hayle-Blackburn -- Princess Winter
Marissa Meyer

Winter Hayle-Blackburn carries a lot of turmoil with her and it has piled up on her heart. Her mother died in childbirth.  As a child her cousin and friend died in a fire, in which Winter almost died as well.  Her father was murdered and she was left in the care of Queen Levana Blackburn.  Her step-mother, jealous of Winter's beauty, slashed her face when she was just a girl, causing Winter to make one of the most important decisions of her life.  She chose never to use her Lunar gift again because she would not find herself manipulating others.  Winter sticks to this, even though it causes her to have hallucinations on a regular basis.  Over the years she has become weakened by her hallucinations, finding it difficult to function without seeing blood pouring out of the walls, her body turning into ice and breaking off, and other horrible images.

With Winter's mental breakdowns, she comes across as weak.  She cannot stand up to Levana and knows she will be given as a bride to whomever is most convenient for her step-mother.  She is in love with her childhood friend, a guard at the palace whose presence she depends on greatly.  It's easy to overlook her as nothing important.  However Winter shows us that she is, in fact, much stronger than we believe.

She plays up the "crazy factor" quite a bit because it works for her.  There are multiple times when she depends on people believing she's just a little crazy and not to worry about, but just go along with it so she'll get over it.  Winter knows what she's doing, but she is losing her grip on reality.  Her hallucinations are terrifying to her and she is having difficultly separating what is real and what isn't.  But she isn't afraid to stand up to Levana--not when a true chance to do so is offered to her.

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