Thursday, December 17, 2015

I've got a secret... Most Embarrassing Book

Pssst!  I've Got A Secret is where I share some of my more embarrassing bookish moments.  It's a look at those bookish habits that you don't want anyone to know about.
Today's secret: A book I have read that I don't want to admit to--but will.

I think I would have to say that the book I am most embarrassed about reading is the Twilight series.  I know I'll probably get some giant "boos" from Twilight lovers, but let's be honest here: that was terrible writing.  Yet I could not stop reading.  I read the entire series.  I needed to know what was happening, even while I was asking myself why vampires sparkled (ridiculous!) and what was so attractive about Edward.  Controlling and whiny and annoying.  And we'll not even start on Bella.

Yet I read them.  All of them.  I even watched all the movies--which I enjoyed more than the books, but not much more.

So what book is on your most embarrassing read?

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