Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Status: Three books at once? Oh my!

Sunday Status is a weekly (ish) post where I let you know what I'm reading and what I'm thinking about it as I go along.

~At Home~
On Writing

by Stephen King
Simon & Schuster Scribner, 2000
Source: library

I'm almost finished.  I've found it really difficult to read anything this past week with all the work I have at school.  I had hoped to have it finished by Friday.  Alas, I am not there yet, but tonight!  Tonight will be the night.

Here's a secret:  I've never read anything by Stephen King other than The Body.  I love his thoughts on writing and the writing process.  Most likely he would yell at me and all my excuses for not spending time writing.  One day.  One day I'll get it together.  And I'm going to add one of his books to my TBR for this year.  Not sure which one yet.

~At School~
The Neptune Project 
Polly Holyoke
Disney/Hyperion, 2013
Source: A student lent this to me

I will honest, based on the back cover I don't have much hope that I'll enjoy this one, but I'm going to give it a try.  My hope is that it surprises me.  The idea is that a group of kids have been genetically altered to have some of the qualities of dolphins and when they're told, they're not too happy about it.  Then they're sent on some trip to help save the world.  I've only read a few pages so far, so I really only know the back of the book!
Check out the Goodreads page.

~Listening To~
The Thing About Jellyfish
Ali Benjamin
Read by Sarah Franco
Little Brown Young Readers, 2015
Source: purchased

I'm listening to this one as I walk.  It's my motivation to get me moving a bit more this month.  It's still so incredibly cold and I will have to wake up super early to do so, but I'm hoping to motivate myself at least twice a week and once on the weekend.  Then I can also listen to a book.

Today I got in an hour of listening/walking and so far it's interesting.  Suzy's best friend died in an accident at the end of the summer and now she's stopped talking.  By choice.  Because she needs to keep her words to herself.  Told through her current experiences and flashbacks to her younger childhood, Suzy is trying to make her way through seventh grade and has a theory about why her friend died.  She refuses to believe that some things just happened and she's going to find out the truth--using the scientific method.

Really looking forward to more.  So hopefully I get out there and walk!!

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