Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer Reading Suggestions for Middle Schoolers Part IV

As a 6th grade Language Arts teacher, I am always trying to give my students new suggestions on really good books to read.  At the end of the school year, I provide them with a list of Recommended Summer Reading. I'm sharing that list with you! Please keep in mind that I attempt to keep the list as clean as possible and I also try to stay away from really popular titles in hopes that you might discover little diamonds waiting for you!

Today's post is Part IV, check back tomorrow for more ideas!

Legend, Prodigy, and  Champion (Legend Series #1-3) by Marie Lu – Very popular right now and a great dystopian read.  This is one of the best trilogies out there.  If your kids like Hunger Games or Divergent, then they’ll enjoy Legend even more!

Rules by Cynthia Lord –Catherine’s brother has autism and she has created rules for him to live by that will help him not embarrass her so much.  Now a new neighbor has moved in next door and Catherine is determined to not let her brother ruin everything.

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke –Meg’s father is a master story teller with a gift that releases the characters from the story into real life and traps something from real life in the story.  He’s vowed to never read again, but villains from a story are very insistent.

So B. It by Sarah Weeks—Heidi has lived in an apartment with her mother and Bernie since she was a baby, but hasn't really left before.  Her mother is mentally challenged and Bernie suffers from agoraphobia, but when Heidi finds pictures of her mother's past, she sets out on a journey to find out more about who her mother is, and maybe what her name really was.

The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman—Set in an alternate dimension similar to ours, Lyra is trying to find out who is kidnapping other kids. (If you saw the movie, forget it.  It was terrible. The book is great!)

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Tenton Lee Stewart – A group of children are mysteriously recruited to become part of the Benedict Society and save the world from an unknown evil.

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  1. I just read Don't Call Me Kit Kat by K. J. Farnham and loved it. It's about a 13 year old girl who develops bulimia. Might be something your kids would like.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I put it on my TBR list. We're looking for a great girl group book that addresses healthy relationships and encourages girls to be strong leaders. One grade level could use something like this. Thanks for the recommendation!

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