Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Status: Express Yourself by Emily Roberts

Sunday Status is a look at my current read.  I share one line from the page I'm currently reading and what I'm thinking about the book so far.

Express Yourself: A teen girl's guide to speaking up and being who you are
by Emily Roberts, MA, LPC
Publisher: New Harbinger Instant Help Books
Source: ARC--received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

"Mindfulness means deliberately paying attention to whatever you are doing, right now (22)."

I requested this book because we are looking for some books to read next year for our girls' group book club.  We're looking for books that either address positive social interactions, dealing with tough girl stuff, or have examples of great female role models.  I saw this one and thought it might be good.

So far, I'm not very far into it, but I like that this is written by a psychologist and already has started addressed the biological factors that teen girls face, with hormones that going crazy and how that affects them from day to day.  I like how it is factual and it speaks to girls on their level, not down to them.  Granted, I am an adult, but I don't think that my students would read this as an adult giving them advice, but as a peer.

On that note, it is a little old for my middle schoolers.  So far, I think our eighth graders would get more out of it, but not our younger ones.  This book will be published June 1, 2015.

Check out the publisher's website information on the book here.

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