Friday, June 5, 2015

Feature and Follow Friday: June 5, 2015

Feature and Follow:
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This week's topic: How would you pitch to the biz to make your favorite book into a movie?

This is a really difficult question to me because I rarely want a book made into a movie.  Most of the time what I would want to happen in a movie (everything!) is impossible.  I know it's not much of an answer, but how many of you would advocate for your favorite book to be made in a movie?  

That's not to say that I won't go see my favorite book made into a movie.  Depending on previews, I will be there, anxious to see my characters come to life before my eyes.  Usually I will walk away disappointed.  Some movies I refuse to watch because I will not have the book tainted with visual memories that were poor and sad.  I have high expectations.  Worst ever movie adaptation?  Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  Really great book and the movie ruined it so much that I am still angry about it and it's been years.  

What about you?  Would you advocate for your favorite book to be made into a movie?

Next Week's Question:

If you can step into one characters shoes (in a book) and be them for a day who would it be and why? Also if you want to be creative, what scene? - Suggested by Seeing Night Book Reviews


  1. I didn't even know Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was originally a book! I've seen the DVD at my library but always passed it up for some reason. That's too bad that is wasn't well done. I've heard the soundtrack though and thought it was really great. Anyway, I agree with you that most books-to-film adaptations usually turn out weak and disappointing. I don't know why the film industry is so hellbent on turning every book into a movie. I mean, aside from the money of course...

    1. Keep passing up the DVD!! The book was so well done that it was very easy to believe that Abraham Lincoln truly was a vampire (of course I realize he was not). The movie took this idea and made it into a ridiculous action movie. Ugh. And I was really upset about it even more because the author of the book wrote the screen play! Read the book. It's fun and interesting and well written. Don't watch the movie. It was just awful. Worst book to movie ever.