Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Status: The Lost Hero

The Lost Hero

Rick Riordan
Scholastic, 2010
Source: borrowed from school library 

"She thought he was lying. His claim was impossible. And part of him felt the same way, but as soon as he spoke the words, he knew they were true (172)."

I read the Percy Jackson series a few years ago and really enjoyed them. I tried jumping right into this next series as soon as I finished, but couldn't do it. I guess I just needed time, because I can't stop reading The Lost Hero.  

We have three new heroes in this book who are joining the other demi-gods at Camp Half-Blood. Jason has no memory of who he is, but he knows he should not be there. Piper has a secret she can't let any know about. Leo is the most at home there, but has secrets of his own. After only a day or two at the camp they're given a quest that will help save the gods again-- if they succeed. 

I'm really enjoying the read. Rick Riordan has a way of revealing just the right amount of information at just the right time that keeps you reading! 

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