Monday, August 17, 2015

Teacher Break: 4 Inspirational Quotes

Today I am back at school for the start of a new year.  Last year was tough, so I'm looking at this with eager and hopeful eyes.  Here are some reminders for myself that I'd like to share.

I repeated this one to myself many days last year because I needed a reminder. I will start off the year reminding myself of this and looking for those students who need a little more love in their lives.

So many children out there don't have a champion.  If I can be that for one child, I will feel as if I've accomplished something in life.

Just a reminder of why I do my job.  They need me.  They need consistency and love and boundaries and support.  

Finally a reminder of why education is so vital.  It's the only way we can change our world for the better.  

So my fellow teachers, good luck this year.  I hope you touch one life this school year and help to change the world.  I hope you find yourself a happy place amongst the grading of papers and planning of lessons and calling/emailing home.  I hope you can share your happy place and keep it alive throughout the school year.  I will need to revisit this mid-year.  Maybe I should schedule this to reappear in November?  :)

Happy 2015-2016 School Year Everyone!

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