Saturday, August 22, 2015

Week One in the Books!

The school year is off to a great start. After the first week of school I'm excited for the year to really get going.

My students seem to excited about reading already and I had quite a few exchanging books in my library to prepare for the weekend.  Let's hope that we can keep this up!  The only down side is my beautiful library pictured below is no longer so beautiful.

I'm also super excited because we will be hosting our first ever Read-A-Thon at our school.  Our sixth, seventh, and eighth graders will stay after school on a Friday, read, eat, and take part in literary events.  Mostly we read though!  I'm really excited and hoping we get a great turnout so that we can have one again in the winter.  How much fun will this be?!!  I'll let you know how it all turns out!

The only negative thing about this week is I'm exhausted!  Not only am I just trying to get back into the groove, but I'm sick.  The third day back and I came down with one of those killer colds that just knocks you out and makes you want to curl up at your desk and cry a little.  I did not do this, but I've been a bit miserable the last few days--but not too terrible.

To all my fellow teachers who are back at it with me, yeah!  We made it to the weekend.  To those of you preparing to start back soon, good luck and may you enjoy your last days of no grading.

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