Saturday, August 1, 2015

Teacher Break: My Classroom Library

I'm almost finished with my classroom library.  There are a few more books here and there that I need to bring from home and/or label and fix up, then I'll have them all in there.

Here is one side of my library.  Above it is my star reading chart where students' names will go as they read books.  

The other side of my library.  I feel like I lost a books last year.  I'll just have to buy more!!

And part of my Golden Recommendation Shelf.
It's not golden--that's okay.  It's still the thought.  I may decorate with some golden duct tape if I get a chance before school starts.  I won't actually have the books out there the first day or two school.  I'll let it build some suspense and see if that piques interest.

The directions for books from this shelf.  

So if nothing else, I'll have my library.  Who wants to take bets on how long it stays nice and neat?  I'm betting two and a half days, and that's a long shot!

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