Thursday, August 6, 2015

Teacher Break: It's The Final Count Down! *SOB*

Here we are, ready to return.  My summer break has just jetted by, spinning around and leaving me a little dizzy and a bit wary of the start of a new school year.  I'm slightly excited, as I always am, but I'm not ready.  I don't feel as if I have not done enough to get myself and my classroom ready to go for the year (do I ever feel like I am fully prepared, though?).

I guess every year that I have been teaching I have really made some major changes to the way I teach.  I've researched and revamped and created and planned away.  This year I'm changing the way I do things, but not as much as I have in the past.

Bad?  Did I not reflect enough?  Should I have spent more time on Pinterest (ha!)? Or maybe I should have made more time to read another PD book instead of trying to read more of the books I WANT to read.  Am I already too stuck in my ways that I'm not changing a ton of stuff?

Good?  I've finally found a place where I feel like my teaching is coming together.  Yes it needs improvement and I am improving on techniques, lessons, etc, but they don't need an overhaul.  Does that mean things are just going pretty well so I shouldn't worry too much?  I am changing--I'm not just pulling out the same exact stuff as last year--it's just not to the same degree.

So that's what my back to school "freak-out" is all about this year.  Time to mentally prepare myself.

Good luck to all you teachers out there prepping your own classrooms and fine tuning your back to school letters.  Enjoy those last minutes of a perfect and clean classroom while you can (I love the last few days before students come because my room is finished and it looks beautiful and it will never look that beautiful again until next year).  Get another book squeezed in, and spend some quality time with loved ones.  (Oh and don't forget to clean the house one last time because you know it won't happen again for at least a month!)

We have a week until teachers report, and two weeks until the first day with students.  Are you a teacher?  How are you feeling about it?

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