Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Character Spotlight--Gilbert Blythe

As many of you know, Jonathan Crombie, who played Gilbert Blythe in the Anne of Green Gables miniseries died last week on April 15th.  I thought a character spotlight on Gilbert Blythe was appropriate, despite the fact that I just posted one on Anne a few weeks ago.

I was 4 when the first movie came out, but was probably around 9 or 10 when I first saw it.  I was in love.  As soon as Gilbert Blythe tugged on Anne’s braids and gave her that look, I was in love.  The movie led me to the books, and I remember being so angry at Anne for being uppity with Gilbert.  She still didn’t see how great he was and how much he tried to better for her.  

I also liked how Gilbert challenged Anne.  He wanted her to like him, but he also never just let her get away with silliness.  Although I remember being so angry with him when he would criticize her, I also loved that he felt that he could do it.  He was confident enough to say something that he knew was true and needed to be said.  Gilbert was always a little over confident, edging on cocky, but I never minded.  In fact, that’s what made me like him more.  When he tugged on her braids and called her carrots, he expected her to like him, and to laugh along with him.  He apologizes, and although Anne won’t even hear it, I believe he truly means it.  I think he always means it. He is and always will be my first celebrity crush.

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