Monday, April 20, 2015

Moving Words--A bit of earth

Ahhh, The Secret Garden.  I remember reading this growing up.  I always disliked Mary--even later on in the book.  She never settled with me.  I did feel sorry for her, losing her parents and having to live in this horrible place, but I still couldn't get past how bratty she was in the beginning.

However, I like this quote.  I like this reminder that all you need is a bit of earth to start something new.  Just give someone a bit of space and what will they do with it?  I think of my students when I read this quote. How can I give them just a little bit of earth?  I don't want to give them the flower, already grown and beautiful.  Instead, they need the space, the permission, the support to do what they can and what they want with their bit of earth.

I've decided this spring to start a little gardening, even though I know little about it.  Just a little bit of earth is all I need.  What will I achieve?

What do you think of when you read this quote?

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