Friday, April 17, 2015

Week in Review and What's to Come

This second week of blogging is proving to be slightly more difficult.  This week I’ve had a lot of grading, and balancing that life in general is tough, but now that I’m adding another thing, it’s a little rough.  In the next few weeks I may have to scale back a bit more, but I’m determined to try and keep up the posts M-F throughout April.

This week



Coming Up

Reviews next week:
I just started this book and a review should be coming soon--as long as I can get on top of my grading a little bit this weekend!

Next Up:

This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer Smith
Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park


In order to grow, we must have goals to work towards.  Without those goals, we just flounder.

  • Post M-F throughout April. (2/4 weeks)
  • Post a total of 5 reviews in April (4/5)

How did you do this week?  What do you want to accomplish for next week?  


  1. I read Rainbow Rowell's of book Fangirl, and my goodness it was amazing and finished it in one day. I've been kind of skeptical to read this one though.

  2. I've been a bit scattered the last few days so I've only read about 20 pages. It seems okay so far, but that's just so far. I'm hoping that things are filled in a bit more with the characters because I'm already questioning things--and not in a necessarily good way. I'm hoping to get all my grading finished today (yeah right) so that I can read during my free time tomorrow. We'll see! Thanks for stopping by.